BEKEM Cares.

“Social responsibility lies at the core of what
we do here at BEKEM.” – Sarat Babu Bollineni

“Social responsibility lies at the core of what we do here at BEKEM.” – Sarat Babu Bollineni

Environment and Society are at the core of our mission here at BEKEM.

Our CSR policy encompasses the company’s policy of “Serving Society through Industry.” We have thereby designed a method for employing our resources, strengths, and strategies in fulfilling our role in creating a better tomorrow.

Environmental Efforts

We strive to operate our business in an environmentally sustainable manner, continually monitoring our process and becoming more efficient in our practice. BEKEM follows a project-based accountability approach to assess the sustainability of the project at hand and develop an action plan with ‘short-term’ and ‘long-term’ initiatives to help conserve, sustain or remediate the environment in the project area. We are also committed to conducting periodic impact studies through independent professionals or institutions, to give invaluable insight into our work. BEKEM is currently developing a sustainability team to work alongside our project management and quality control teams to assure the best possible practices and procedures.

Social Efforts

Our philosophy of “Serving Society through Industry” is at the core of our company. We at BEKEM want to enhance the opportunity in our societies for better education, better infrastructure, and better overall quality of living. Our CSR initiatives aim to achieve this through creating and partnering with programmes that facilitate growth in the communities in and around our areas of operation.   

Our Commitment

To ensure the effective implementation of our CSR strategy, we have developed a CSR team at our head office, which will oversee the efficient and ethical implementation of all mentioned strategies. The activities will be reported to the head office monthly, and to the committee on a quarterly basis.