Bekem Infra Projects Pvt. Ltd.

About Us

Leaders in Hydro-Mechanical Construction

BEKEM is one of India’s leading Infrastructure and Engineering organizations. We have completed projects in 14 states and proudly celebrate 25+ years of industry excellence. With an expert management team and highly-skilled engineers, BEKEM has emerged as a front-runner in the industry with a portfolio of more than 100 infrastructure projects and a growing international reputation.

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BEKEM has established a widespread operational presence through:

  • Completing projects across 14 states including Maharashtra, Madhya Pradesh, Karnataka, Chhattisgarh, Odisha, Uttar Pradesh, Delhi, Punjab, Himachal, Sikkim, Andhra Pradesh, and Telangana.
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Some of BEKEM’s highlighted accomplishments include:

  • Receiving a gold medal for the 10,000 metric-tonne Sulwade project in Tapi, Maharashtra which was remarkably completed in the span of a year.
  • Completing over 100 domestic projects across 14 different states.
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25+ Years of Industry Excellence

BEKEM was founded in 1994 as a hydro-mechanical contracting entity. The policy metamorphosis of the Government coupled with the scarcity of human resources required the departmental officers to focus on monitoring the works being executed by the private firms. Simultaneously, the advancements in engineering and mechanical fields made hydro-mechanical works more challenging. With an objective to fill the void in this segment, BEKEM was established as a specialized entity for exclusively executing hydro-mechanical works for irrigation, dam, barrage, and power projects.

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Financial strength:

The consolidated group turnover of BEKEM is about ₹1,000 cr with a net worth of ₹267.52 up to March 2021. Currently, the company has an orderbook worth ₹3,000 cr. Further, the company is underway finalizing projects worth another Rs. 2,000 cr. All the projects are to be executed over the period of 3 to 5 years. The company is well funded with promoters’ equity and supported by bank funding.


Besides its robust work practices, BEKEM’s strength is its team. The company has a fully active board with qualified and experienced professionals. The board is supported by experienced advisors and consultants. The verticals of the company’s business are headed by experienced veterans. Each of the projects has a separate organizational chart with project heads leading the execution teams. The department heads are also highly qualified, well experienced, and appreciated in the industry circles. The team members are entitled to on-job training, orientation, and guidance. Our company has almost near zero attrition.

Board of Directors

Mr. Sarat Babu Bollineni
(M.Tech - IIT, Mumbai)


Sarat Babu Bollineni is the Chairman of BEKEM Infra Projects Pvt. Ltd and currently manages the metal procurement and business administration for the company. He has over 25 years of experience in the engineering industry, including 13 years in Steel Authority of India Limited (SAIL, Bhilai). Mr. B Saratbabu ensures timely availability of materials to complete the works as per committed time frame.

Mr. Krishna Mohan Bollineni

Founder & Managing Director

Krishna Mohan Bollineni is the Founder and Managing Director of BEKEM Infra Projects Pvt. Ltd. He currently oversees the business development and site activities of the company. With a degree in Mechanical Engineering, he is constantly exploring innovative ways to create a brighter future. A visionary, leader, and first-generation entrepreneur, Mr. Bollineni takes pride in his work and believes that the consistent pursuit of a higher vision has the power to bring big changes in the world of Engineering.

Srimannarayana Bathini


YSVK Vasudeva Rao


PV Mallikarjuna Rao


Awards and recognition

At BEKEM, we take quality and efficiency in our every stride. Our priority is not only to meet but to exceed our clients’ needs and expectations.
  • We strive to continuously evaluate and improve our processes and methodologies to achieve consistent, high-quality results.
  • We aspire for zero-defect production, by fostering an environment of quality awareness rather than completely relying on inspection. This also includes the usage of Total Quality Management and Six-Sigma Tools to attain maximum efficiency and quality excellence.
  • We are constantly educating ourselves on the newest technologies and industry know-how to stay ahead of the curve. We strive to adapt to challenging and ever-changing conditions without compromising our quality and due process.
  • We use the top statistical tools to evaluate performance and take timely strategic decisions to improve our efficiency.
  • We believe in job empowerment, job enhancement, and giving recognition to our highly skilled team to foster positive engagement and improve motivation.
  • We practice lean construction to keep our process wastage to a minimum.
  • Our priority is not only to meet but to exceed our clients’ needs and expectations.
— Krishna Mohan Bollineni, Managing Director


All tasks are performed in a safe and efficient manner, in compliance with all regional, state, and national health regulations, program standards, and special safety concerns that BEKEM Infra Projects Pvt. Ltd. has identified for use in specific regions. It is the responsibility of each employee to ensure that safety measures are adhered to at the workplace or at the project site.

Most safety regulations are similar for all departments and programs, but it is the employee’s responsibility to identify and understand emergency response plans for the work area.


Emergency plan detailing procedures for dealing with emergencies such as:

  • Fire
  • Weather 
  • Medical 

It is the employee’s responsibility to complete accident and incident reports for health and safety breaches committed or witnessed by the employee.

Failure to report such a breach may result in disciplinary action by the employee, including dismissal.

All employees are required to sign a safety declaration when instructing new employees. In addition, management requires that everyone in the organization be responsible for the security of individuals and the organization.

Failure to comply with Bekem’s Health and Safety Regulations, or any act that endangers the assets of employees, volunteers, clients, or agents may result in disciplinary action or employee dismissal.

The Safety Committee and the Management are responsible for developing and implementing Safety and Health programs for a safer working environment.

— Krishna Mohan Bollineni, Managing Director


To be a prominent engineering company by providing the best quality at a competitive cost and executing the timely delivery of projects and services across the globe.


To constantly strive to strengthen and propagate our position as a leader by our innovative design, operational excellence and commitments.


Integrity, Transparency, Mutual Trust and Responsibility.